Asociación Brújula: Association for Family Help

Therapies for Improvement of Family Life

Education is the Vaccine Against Violence

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ASOCIACIÓN BRÚJULA : Association for mediation and psycho-social family support

The main goals of our project are orientation and psycho-social support. We do not pretend to give ready solutions but to provide guidance to find them. We aim to outline a way, to propose the needed tools, to accompany and to advise and of course to respect the right of everyone to outline his own way in life. We understand that we all have moments in our lives when we feel lost, without direction, motivation or strength and this deserves appreciation. For this reason we decided to assist those who are in such need.

We need to analyse what do we have at hand and what are our restrictions, to create our own emotional compass, which accompanies us in life. Many times we shipwreck and if we don’t have this internal compass we lose ourselves in others and their life paths.

Therapies for Improvement of Family Life

Asociación Btújula offers therapies, which are suitable for all families, giving priority to the topic of domestic violence, which we treat with special attention.

Our intention is to offer a new alternative for treating the emotional and behavioral problems with the goal to facilitate the access to therapies for the citizens in general. One of our priorities is to work with disorders, which occur already in childhood and adolescence, taking into account the specifics and the challenges of this age. With timely and adequate therapeutic actions it is possible to avoid future psychological and mental problems, criminal behavior and social rejection. Moreover we would target the creation of a place, where the families are provided the opportunity to strengthen their core.