El cuento terapéutico

La realidad no es algo fijo y estático. La Terapia Narrativa se basa en la idea del constructivismo. Un relato nos aporta información pero no es determinante. Todo lo que opino y siento acerca de mí, lo organizo a través del lenguaje en catego

Percibo solamente lo que soy

Uno de los trabajos que tenemos pendientes  como seres humanos es aprender a relacionarnos a través de la tolerancia lo que significa respetar, entender y aceptar las diferencias. Partiendo de la base que ninguno de nosotros nace como una ho

Prevention is the key to live more conscious lives

The World Health Organization (WHO) declares that 3% of the children population suffer from depression, which corresponds to between 10 and 15 % of the child psychiatric consultations. Studies show that child depression occurs at an ever earlier

Mediation for Solving Problems

When the families don’t know how to cope with the problems and the demonstrated behaviour of their adolescent, very stressful situations can occur, including domestic violence. In those cases the parents decide very often to look for help from t

The Epidemic Called Bullying

The topic of bullying evokes great worry because of its epidemic dimension among young people and at ever younger age, as well as because of the serious consequences it has for both the aggressor and the victim. This type of aggression is the most